Aoki's Cardhouse Grading + Pedigree Service

Aoki's Cardhouse Grading + Pedigree Service

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This price is per card. 

Before you checkout make sure to specify which holographic card you will be sending in to be graded, and the break that it is from in the form section of the break.

Upon purchase of the spot, you will be emailed the address to ship the card too and a general release form that must be filled out and sent with your card, otherwise we will not be able to ship your cards to PSA.

Example: Charizard Base set 2 from Aoki break 2/10

This listing also only covers cards up to a $4,999 USD Value!  If the your card exceeds the $4,999 USD value after grading any extra charges that we incur will then be passed on to you. 

Currently there is no guaranteed return date for your cards due to PSA being impacted. 

Please make sure to only send in cards that were personally pulled by Steve Aoki during the break. If you send in something that Steve did not personally pull on his break, you will not be eligible for a refund or a return of the card in question. 

Purchasing this listing will:

  • Aoki Collection Pedigree (If it grades a PSA 10) 
  • Steve Aoki Autograph on the slab if requested.
  • Insured shipping to and from PSA and to you.
  • Live document that will be updated to show the card's progress through the states of grading.